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Maths Leaders Workshop and Networking Conference 7th June 2018

Our Maths Leaders Workshop and Networking Conference on 7th June 2018, was a big success - with very positive feedback.

Speakers included Peter Henderson, from the Education Endowment Foundation, talking about their latest research into maths teaching and Mohi Ahmed, from London North East MathsHUBS discussing the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract principles through KS2 to KS3. Our Specialist Leaders of Education also delivered further sessions on, putting research into practice,  transition to secondary school and developing metacognition.

Look out for future events. This includes the Literacy Leadership and Networking Conference on 19th June 2018. Speakers include Thomas Martell of the Education Endowment Fund, who will be delivering an EEF report on seven practical, evidence-based approaches to Literacy teaching - where there will also be opportunities for networking.

There's also a great lunch laid on!

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