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The training below is booked

All other training is booked via: 

130th October =New to Year 2: Assessment Training [Moderation]

5th November =Difficult Conversation with Parents (2 session training)

27th November =KS1 Moderation Team training [Moderators only]

10th December =KS1 Experienced Year 2 teachers: Assessment Training  [Moderation]

17th January =Closing the Vocabulary Gap – Kelly Ashley Consultancy 

24th January =CEOP: Online Safeguarding – Bonnie Buckley SLE

20th March =HR: Workplace Investigations and Reporting

24th April  =Moderation Team Scenario training [Moderators only]



We have a wide range of training and support available.
This includes:

  • National Leader of Education (NLE) support
  • Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) support (and training)
  • National Professional Qualification training - NPQSL and NPQSL
  • Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) training
    including specific EYFS NQT training
  • 2nd/3rd Year Teacher training (a great way to give continuing support to those who have recently passed their NQT induction period - in advance of the DfE move to extend the NQT induction period to two years, from September 2019)
  • Inset - Safeguarding re-fresher, Flip chart Planning, Leading a Mentally Healthy School 


For further details, please see the:

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