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2nd/3rd Year Teachers Training (in advance of two-year NQT Induction Period from Setember 2019)

With the NQT Induction Period set to become a two-year process from September 2019, the DfE has recognised that training and support for new teachers needs to extend beyond just three terms. Our highly-regarded courses, recommended by local head teachers, are ideal to give your 2017-18 an 2016-17 NQTs the additional training they need. Keep your newer staff on their toes by continuing their training beyond the NQT year.


If your teachers have been on our NQT training, this will be a direct continuation - guided by our team of Specialist Leaders of Education. Often, as recognised by the DfE and NAHT, it is teachers in these crucial years, who begin to struggle when their support system is removed. This course helps to keep them supported, learning and growing in the profession.

All sessions on a Wednesday from 2:00-4:30pm

Maths: Good to Outstanding  10/10/18

Non-Fiction Reading & Writing – 14/11/18

Computing/Coding – 23/1/19

Poetry – 20/3/19

Science – 23/5/19

Art/DT – 19/6/19

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